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The myth of the lone genius inventor with a single eureka moment is just that: a myth. Innovation happens when teams of people from diverse communities, cultures, and disciplines come together, challenging each other to spark even better ideas. When assembling a team, ask yourself whether each person’s background lends itself to a unique point of view, or might just mirror someone else’s. People who've traveled wildly divergent paths can break each other out of ruts and generate creative connections that aren't likely otherwise.

Luke Jenkinson 

Managing Partner

email: luke@elire.no 

Phone:  +47 4166 4310

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Celin Huseby

Managing Partner

email: celin@elire.no 

Phone: +47 9234 3311

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Jacob Wagman

Associate Partner

Impact & Sustainability 

email: jacob@elire.no 

Phone: +47 4672 6021

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Lawrence Millar

Associate Partner

& Board Advisor

Global Music Vault

email: lawrence@elire.no 

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Björn Lapakko
Senior Manager

email: bjorn@elire.no 

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Tomas Brødreskift
Senior Manager 
Future Mobility

email: tomas@elire.no 

Phone: +47 970 39 469

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Joshua Hubbard

Senior Manager
Air Mobility


email: josh@elire.no 

Phone: +47 4524 7211

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Nadja A. Benzow

Project Manager
Urban Mobility 

email: nadja@elire.no 
Phone: +47 92579079

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Clarissa Laing

Principal Consultant - UK

email: clarissa@elire.no

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Jared Mayne

Commercial Manager

email: jared@elire.no 

Phone: +47 930 11 619

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