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Elire Management Group is a commercial business group led by experienced managers with head office in Oslo, Norway and a global footprint in Singapore, Germany, UK, and the US.


We are passionate and dedicated to achieving results, taking our clients and projects through a detailed commercial process with our global network to generate capital, revenue and position for success. 



We understand the commercial challenges for startups, ventures and global business. Especially with the world challenged as it is today, markets have shifted and things will never be the same.


Therefore it's time to apply new commercial strategies, through fast, valuable insight from our managers we can design/redesign new business models.

We not only deliver the commercial strategy and process for our clients, we execute. We provide the commercial team that ventures and clients need to generate capital, sales and revenue.


Our work is what make us great, we thrive from their passion and vision, we partner with ventures, clients and projects to take a journey together to ensure success.

We have several global venture projects to launch in 2021 in future mobility, including establishing urban mobility hubs, harbour marine ports and in electric aviation.


As well we launch the Global Music Vault to preserve the world's music of today and yesterday forever! 

Elire MG horizontal logo alternate .png


Elire MG horizontal logo alternate .png


Elire MG is a Norway-based commercial innovation group. Through a dedicated commercial consulting process with our consultants, we add value to any project and client, we become the commercial partner required in projects, new ventures and for our clients.


As well as servicing clients and projects with marcomms, brand, and PR expertise, in 2021 we deliver detailed innovative projects in future mobility including establishing urban mobility hubs, harbour marine ports and testing electric aircarft to validate urban air mobility.

We are also excited to enter into a journey into an entirely new way of safeguarding music forever, with the launch of the Global Music Vault to be located in Svalbard, Norway.

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Dedicated to a sustainable future

Elire MG have positioned to commercialise the world's next innovative future mobility solutions. We are dedicated to a sustainable future.


As the world reforms and transforms, we understand the importance of strategic partnerships, quality networks and the ability to adjust business models to a new future.


With a detailed service for start-up and SME’s to Design, Scale & Prosper, we can deliver a holistic commercial solution from brand, comms and commercial strategy, partnering, growth strategy, raising capital, to business modelling. 


We partner with businesses to realise their potential and then drive to commercialise. We have also launched our own projects and initiatives mentioned in this document. We now seek strategic partners to commercialise.


Future Mobility is fast evolving. Through strategic partnerships, we will assist to enable the next revolution of mobility.


We have an appetite for new ventures. We are well positoned to commercialise ventures across different markets and segments. That is to build our own ventures, joint ventures and take on board new venture in different forms.

Case - The Global Music Vault


Our mission is to create a safe haven that protects and preserves the most precious and important world music of all time. From irreplaceable indigenous music to modern day artists. Music is part of our heritage and the data is irreplaceable.


Today this data - the music - is created, stored and archived on mediums that are inefficient, harmful to the environment, exposed to irreversible risks like fire and technical errors and have a short and limited lifetime.


The purpose-built digital medium can last for over 1000 years in the Global Music Vault with guaranteed future accessibility

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Elire MG service clients with project management programs, as well as detailed processes for strategic partner acquisition, capital revenue, sponsorships, as well as brand, marketing, comms and PR.

We service start ups, accelerators, to commercial ventures

Case - The Norwegian Sailing Federation (NSF)

he NSF has engaged Elire MG on a long term mission to commercialise and position the federation for the future.

That is; to target new audiences, new members while launching innovative programs that reach the deep and rich sailing community in Norway.

With the bulk of our foundation work carried out in 2020 and during the pandemic, we position the federation in 2021 for new partners, and a new brand strategy with communication and marketing platforms. Our goal is to build an environment that attracts top level partners and sponsors.

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We are adding to our team.


Elire MG are growing, as a result of a busy beginning, a strong network and hard work we have several exciting and unique international projects and clients we need to service.

We are currently seeking:

  • Social Media & Marketing Guns

  • Startup & Accelerator Gurus

Send Managing Partner Luke Jenkinson an email with your details and specify in the Subject line what type of role you are interested in, and we will share more details with you.